Personal branding : an indispensable asset in recruitment ?

Personal branding is the way others perceive us. It is a brand that defines who we are, our values, our strengths, our way of being and what we can contribute professionally. Working on your personal brand means standing out in recruitment.

How to work on your personal brand ?

First of all, it is imperative to know yourself. It is a question of identifying yourself beforehand in order to project a clear, precise and reassuring image.

To do this, identify your strengths and weaknesses, your added value, and also mention your interests and your background. Personal branding also concerns your skills, your professional project, the way you present yourself, not forgetting social networks which also give a good image of who you are.

The way you see yourself does not always coincide with the way others see you. It is therefore important to ask the people around you what they think of you. Then combine these two perceptions and make adjustments if necessary. 

There are many other tips for boosting personal branding.

Promote your personal brand

Bringing your personal brand to life is a daily task. Start by learning how to present yourself. The way you dress and behave in social interactions is also a good indicator of who you are.

The way you communicate on your social networks has a direct impact on your personal branding. It is not uncommon for the recruiter to check your social networks before an interview to get a first impression of your personality.

Finally, work on your CV so that your personal branding is highlighted. This is what will make the recruiter want to know more about you. To do this, combine all the aspects of personal branding that you have listed beforehand.


Finally, be unique and stay true to yourself every day! This is what will set you apart from the rest.

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