Luxembourg workers: Wages will soon be increased

Luxembourg workers: Wages will soon be increased soon. Good news for cross-border workers, salaries are going to be increased from April 1st ! No, this is not a fish. The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Statec) has announced an increase 2.5% of the index.

+2,5% increase for the index in April 2022

2.776,05 € qualified minimum social wage 2.313,37 € unskilled minimum social wage

What allows us to see the index increase again, after only 6 months ?

It is the annual inflation rate of the national consumer price index, which was 6.1% for the month of March,” explains Statec.

According to provisional calculations, the annual inflation rate for March was 6.1%. With this result, the half-yearly average of the index exceeded the 918.17-point threshold in March, triggering a new indexation. According to Statec, the final figures on this subject are due to be published on 8 April.

A new increase towards the end of 2022 ?

The Luxembourg government recognizes that this is a burden for companies. In agreement with the unions, Prime Minister Xavier Bettel said: “The advance payment, which according to the latest Statec data should fall in August 2022, will be postponed to April 2023.

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